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The Zero Hour

14 February 2013 to 16 February 2013

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Courtyard Theatre

Tickets £15
Schools and Groups 5+ £12

A £1.75 booking fee will be applied to every  transaction

Running Time : Approx 1 hour and 20 Minutes

Community Network     14 February 7.45pm

Post Show Discussion    15 February 7.45pm


Written and Directed by Andrew Quick and Pete Brooks with the Company
Soundtrack Jeremy Peyton Jones
Video Designer Simon Wainwright
Animation Production Adam Gregory

Berlin during the final moments of the Second World War, three couples live through three very different versions of the same events. Across different histories lives connect, or fail to connect, in ways which echo and resonate and gradually build a picture of human stoicism in the face of the wave of history.

Framed as a film that is being directed by a Chinese film director and crew, The Zero Hour fuses live action with pre-recorded film, animation, and computer generated imagery to create a world where human relations are located to be at the heart of historical events.

Disturbing and romantic in turn The Zero Hour is shot through with the obsessions (sex, babies, death, WW2 and time travel) that are the hallmarks of ITD's narrative inventions to date.

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