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The Market

16 April 2013 to 20 April 2013

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Tickets £10

Show begins at 20:30 Kirkgate Market

Arrive there or be guided by Navigator's departing WYP 20:00. 

Please wear warm clothing and suitable footwear.  No latecomers


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Created by:

Aisha Khan
Alex Chisholm
Eamon Rooney
Hannah Sibai
James Brining
Jez Coram
Mic Pool
Zodwa Nyoni

1901 A grand new hall opens in Kirkgate Market, Leeds
1975 A catastrophic fire destroys half the old building
2013 The Market faces a new future

Leeds is the city of a thousand trades. There's been a market here for 800 years. Drawn from the words of the people who work in, shop in and remember it in times gone by, this new verbatim production tells of the big stories and even bigger characters held within its walls.

In the Market at nightfall, there is a dark and silent world for you to explore. In this promenade production, performers will guide you around its hidden nooks and crannies, as the Market offers up its secrets, its stories past and future dreams.

Performed by a company of professional and community actors, this is a story about Leeds, its people and one of its most treasured landmarks.

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