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With access to a wealth of theatre professionals, West Yorkshire Playhouse are able to offer tailor-made, enriching sessions in a wide range of creative processes for teachers and students. Many of our sessions are developed in consultation with local teachers and we hope they provide an excellent support to students' learning. Although many of the learning opportunities are inspired by our productions, we also offer a wider range of bespoke sessions available throughout the year exploring Theatre Design, Playwriting and Directorial Interpretation. Our industry based sessions give students the opportunity to meet and interview various members of Playhouse staff about their career.


To discuss these options, or any other ideas you may have, please contact

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promo_resource_pack.jpgThe Creative Education Team at West Yorkshire Playhouse provide downloadable Resource Packs for many of our productions. These give a real insight into the making of productions, including interviews with the creative team, plus a range of ideas for practical extension work to link with your curriculum.